Caldwell Road Elementary

Staff Directory

Communication between home and school is extremely important. Calls and emails sent to staff members will be returned within two business days.

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Robar, Diana 100% Educational Program Assistant
Ripley, Elaine 80% Educational Program Assistant
Banfield, Gena 80% Educational Program Assistant
Edmonds, Heather 80% Educational Program Assistant
Saunders, Leonard Caretaker
McCrae, Dave Community Outreach Worker SchoolsPlus (902) 430-6582
Warner, Susan Education Program Assistant
Williams, Elizabeth Education Program Assistant
Khoury Hanna, Wanda Library Support Specialist
MacDonald, Kylie Pre-Primary Lead ECE
Mason, Catherine Pre-Primary Lead ECE
Fitzpatrick, Geraldine Pre-Primary Support ECE
Munroe, Shana Pre-Primary Support ECE
Bowlby, Natasha Pre-Primary Support ECE
TBA, TBA School Psychologist
Skeete, Melodie School Social Worker 902-237-6943
Wood, Emily School Speech Language Pathologist
Pringle-Boutilier, Emma Schools Plus Assistant Leader 902-476-7651

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Dafoe, Colleen 50% Primary & Grade 1/ 50% Reading Recovery Website
Greene, Rob Band
Ardley, Jennifer Core French Teacher
Brownell, Lee Ann English as an Additional Language
King, Kim Grade 1
Peters, Dana Grade 1/2
Dickens, Lisa Grade 2
MacLean, Sandra Grade 2/3
Bates, Michelle Grade 2/3 (Mondays)
Lawlor, Robyn Grade 3 60%
Cutcliffe, Bonnie Jean Grade 3/4
Brilhante, Danielle Grade 4/5
LeClaire, Michelle Grade 5 Website
Grant-Townsend, Dana Grade 5
Tenwolde, Cindy Grade 5/6
Burnett, Amanda Grade 6
Flick, Heather Grade Primary
MacDonald, Marianne Guidance Website
Thompson, Victoria Learning Center
Creelman, Abbey Learning Centre 50% and 50% Grade Primary/Grade 1
Campbell, Bruce Music Website
Zwicker, Robyn Physical Education
Crane, Judith Resource Website


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Morrison, Donald Principal (902) 462-6010
Wright, Linda Secretary (902) 462-6010
Bartkiw, Lori Vice Principal/ 40% Grade 3 (902) 462-6010